Water Hammer Arrested

Home Improvement StoreWe have an energy efficient washing machine that just recently started to cause a loud water hammer noise during the initial fill cycle. Water hammer occurs when the flow of water through pipes is suddenly stopped. The sudden stop of the water behind the valve creates an abrupt pressure spike that results in a loud “banging”  noise in the pipe which can damage the plumbing.

I remember discovering this phenomena as a kid. Then turning the water on and off quickly to get that banging noise until my Dad told me to “knock it off” or something to that affect.
After some internet research, I went to my local home improvement store and acquired two water hammer arresters. These arresters are designed to install between the hot and cold water hose bibs and the hoses which go to the wash machine. Following the instructions on the back of the packaging, and with the help of a pair of pliers, their installation was pretty straight forward and the process took maybe 15 minutes at most.
The result was positive. The water hammer or “banging” noise no longer occurs when the washing machine operates.

Now may also be a good time to replace any rubber washer hoses with the metal braided style hoses.  I’ve read that washing machine hose failure is the second leading cause of serious water damage to a home so this is a good item to be proactive on. I’ve seen the rubber hoses fail and it is not a pretty sight.


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